1. Configure properties files

   a) populate the file with relevant values
   b) populate the file
      i ) add in connection information to postgres installation
      ii) choose database name/user/password for ground report

2. Database

   a) create a Postgres DB that is UTF-8 encoded and has the plpgsql language loaded
      i ) create database with previously decided information from Step 1
   b) run the databaseInterface script and install the backend db

3. Reporting/Graphing

   a) populate the file
   b) upload the data and/or descriptions files
   c) select appropriate report/graph options in
   d) run the generateReport script to create reports/graphs

Ground Report Scripts

The interfaces to the ground report are through 2 scripts: one for interfacing with the database; and the other for generating reports and graphs.

The scripts for the ground report are contained within the bin directory:


These scripts consist of:

databaseInterfacemenu based options for creating, installing and running the database
generateReportcreates a report as per options specified in the file

The scripts are provided in bash, ksh and bat (Windows) formats.